Like You, Every Towel Has A Personality

There is more to a towel than just utility. Its color, shape and design can style a room or convey a message as well as build the image of the person using it. Christy Textiles manufactures a variety of towels under its home brand Christy Linen. Made to customer satisfaction, Christy Linen Towels add character and style in more ways than one.

Plain White

The ultimate, the supreme, the first and the last; Plain white towels are a perennial favorite of spas and five star hotels. There is something about the color white that exudes a sense of luxury in simplicity. Christy Linen Plain White towels are one of our fastest selling products. Durable, soft and fluffy, these are the towels of choice of multinational hotel chains and sports bodies.

Plain Color

Sometimes all that a bathroom needs is a dash of color. Christy Linen Plain Color Towels are available in a variety of hues. Durable and color-fast, these towels add attitude and style to bathrooms. Usually made from 100% Cotton, these towels are also available in a variety of yarns.

Towels with Borders

Towels with borders are towels that make a statement. They reflect the kind of person you are or the kind of establishment you run. Christy Linen Towels with Borders are made with 100% Cotton. However, we can also manufacture them using other yarns as per our clients’ requirements.

Jacquard Design & Logo

Jaquard Designing is characterized by an understated elegance. It is well suited for towels where touch and feel play an important role in conveying a specific feeling. Jacquard designing is not only used to decorate towels, but even for highlighting company logo or event name.

Customized Design

You are different. Your towels should be too! At Christy Textiles we specialize in understanding our clients’ requirements and manufacturing the towels of their choice. Plain or with borders, colored or with Jacquard prints, with company logos or personalized messages, or all of these together – we can help you make a statement with your towels.